Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I have been rather swamped the last few months, making blogging very difficult. After my last post, I received an invitation to write a chapter on aggression for the Encyclopedia of Mental Health. I recently completed that manuscript, and it is now under editorial review.

I also completed work on another manuscript for submission to a peer-review journal, and received an acceptance letter earlier this fall. Chasing the elusive left-wing authoritarian: An examination of Altemeyer’s Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Left-Wing Authoritarianism scales will appear in print in the National Social Science Journal sometime next year. I have also been working with one of my students to complete work on a manuscript on attitudes toward torture, based upon the data we've collected, and that I presented earlier this spring. We hope to have that manuscript ready for submission at some point over the winter break. And, of course, I am already preparing for next year's academic conference, busily collecting data, and beginning that particular write-up.

All of that is in addition to my normal teaching and advising load. So, yeah, I am a bit on the busy side. As time permits, I shall return to updating this blog.

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