Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Elsevier in the news again

And not in a good way:

Sweden stands up for open access - cancels agreement with Elsevier

Elsevier has quite the reputation for squeezing every last Dollar (or in this case Euro) from universities. The Swedish government has had enough.

I've not been especially impressed with Elsevier either as a peer reviewer on occasion for some of its Psych journals, nor have I been impressed with Elsevier as an author (one I coauthored actually got lost, delaying peer review and eventual publication by well over a year; another had upload portals that failed to work, requiring authors to send their manuscripts to the editor via email - and authors never did get proofs prior to publication, which was a bit unusual).

I am not sure that universities that sever their ties with this particular business are really losing all that much.

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