Friday, December 7, 2018

Better late than never, I suppose.

A few years ago, a student and I submitted a paper for consideration in a journal, based on a talk given at a conference honoring George Gerbner. Even after acceptance, it took a good couple years for it to go into print. Rather belatedly, I'd find out was actually published in 2016. As I learned, academic publishing in Hungary is far from seamless. But it did come out. Sara Oelke and I were grateful for that. It is nice when an undergraduate student project at a relatively obscure institution like mine can coauthor a published article.

Update: A later replication of Experiment 2 (using identical protocols) actually fits in with a pattern the Open Science Foundation reported in 2015. The finding in this case was still statistically significant, but the effect size was noticeably smaller in the replication study than in the original. So some potential for a decline effect there. I really need to write up the replication attempt, noting that it was not a faithful replication in terms of effect size, but still appeared to be statistically significant. I am a bit more cautious about the effectiveness framing approach we used to influence attitudes toward torture as a result.

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