Saturday, March 16, 2019

A reminder of blog netiquette

My impressions about the norms governing blogging were formed back around the time I first heard of blogs, which would be right around the turn of the century. Yes, that is a long time ago. One important norm is that once a post is published, it remains unchanged. I've seen some reasonable modifications of that norm - corrections for typos within a 24 hour period are probably worth doing. Generally if serious changes need to be made to a post, either the original info is struck out so that readers can see what was first posted (as a means of transparency) or the author creates a new post and acknowledges what went sideways with the old post. One of the most disappointing episodes I've experienced in reading others' blogs was noticing that a blogger had taken a post from earlier in this decade and completely revamped it without revealing what had changed. I really should have taken screen shots of the original post and the changed post. That might have been educational in itself, as long as I could have found a way to illustrate what had happened without it coming across as a sort of "gotcha" hit piece. That all said, there are moments when I become just a bit more jaded about humanity than I already was.

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