Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The jamovi MAJOR module

I've been switching over most of my data analyses to jamovi (as a very tentative step toward learning R), as well as switching my instruction to jamovi. Overall, I love the interface, and will probably say more about it later. For now I just want to say a few brief words about the MAJOR module, which is meant to interface with Metafor, which is a meta-analytic package for R. MAJOR is very intuitive, and I've found it relatively easy so far to reproduce basic analyses from distributions from prior meta-analysis I've worked on. It produces helpful forest plots and funnel plots. It meets my basic needs. When it comes to publication bias, I wish there were more options available. As of now, MAJOR offers Fail-safe N (and my advice has been that friends do not let friends use Fail-safe N) and Egger's test to detect potential publication bias. I hope the developers of MAJOR plan on adding on more publication bias options, even if just trim-and-fill analyses (fixed and random). That said, meta-analysis has moved way beyond any of the above techniques, and I'd love to see other publication bias techniques included, (PET-PEESE comes to mind). That would be helpful. Otherwise, I am quite happy with what I've been able to do so far. Kudos to the developers of MAJOR for what they have done so far.

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