Saturday, October 13, 2018

RIP Bernardo "Bernie" Carducci

Bernardo Carducci passed away late in September. Both of us are alums of California State University, Fullerton. He attended and graduated from CSUF a number of years before I did, but he was a friend of several of the faculty there and he would often talk to his former mentors and to those of us presenting as students back in the day. I did not see him in person very often, but recall a man who was extremely outgoing and full of life. His work on shyness, while outside my normal specialty area, was of some intrinsic interest to me. My last contact with him had been over composing a couple chapters for an encyclopedia he was in the process of editing. He was one of those rare individuals who was adept at coming across via electronic media much as he might in person. Hopefully encyclopedia will serve as a part of his legacy. He will be missed.

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