Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Interesting take on RWA

I stumbled upon this just by chance. At the time it was written it was a blog post for a grad student working out some ideas for an eventual dissertation, it appears. I do think a lot of his observations about RWA are right on target: in particular that this is an area of research that could benefit from qualitative research. He has some hunches that a link between RWA and attachment seems plausible, but that any validity to that particular connection was elusive. He also seems to know the history of RWA research to understand that we'd largely abandoned RWA as a form of pathology and view it as a social attitude construct. I also liked how he made a connection between Lakoff's moral politics theory and RWA, observing that what Lakoff was writing was largely mining the same territory that Altemeyer and others had been already researched. When I was reading Lakoff's work a while back, it did have that air of familiarity to it. So it goes. No mention of a possibility of RWA having a hereditary component, but hey we can't have everything.

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