Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Postscript to the preceding: RWA

Here are a couple articles I published on the relationship between RWA and various social attitudes toward violent actions.

The Relationship Between Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Attitudes Toward Violence

Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Attitudes Toward Torture

The first was published nearly 13 years ago, and was intended as a minor validation study for an attitudes toward violence scale I'd worked on revising. RWA just happened to be of some interest to me, and in particular authoritarian aggression (although Altemeyer's instrument was poor for teasing apart authoritarian aggression, submission, and conventionalism).

The second was helpful in that I tried out one of the more recent instruments that avoided Altemeyer's tendency to use double-barrel questions, and provided some tentative support that attitudes toward authoritarian aggression in particular act as a potential predictor of approval for the use of torture. Admittedly a lot more work needs to be done there.

I do have some unpublished work using Duckitt's fairly recent RWA instrument, honing in specifically on authoritarian aggression (or what he calls authoritarianism). I'll hopefully one day find the time to do something with that. If nothing else, it does appear to replicate the initial findings. Replication studies tend to still get a bad rap, but they do serve a purpose.

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