Friday, May 3, 2019

A thread on authoritarianism

Above is the beginning. Worth reading the thread in its entirety. It serves as a good reminder that there is an important person-situation interaction that must be taken into account. In this case, we have to examine the sorts of issues our society's elites are constantly going on about, as their actions (as individuals, corporations, political parties, etc.) can either contain or exacerbate the authoritarian inclinations among that subset of the population that...well...has authoritarian inclinations. We live at a time in which arguably the language used by major media organs (e.g. Fox News), a major political party (GOP), and a White House occupant fan the flames of fear and loathing that pushes those who were already inclined toward authoritarianism over the edge. We've seen this play out before elsewhere historically, as well as in the current moment. I study authoritarianism primarily from the perspective as a social-personality psychologist. I only study from one angle. As Dr. Federico reminds us, the reality is considerably more nuanced.

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