Friday, December 6, 2019

For those visiting from Retraction Watch:

Retraction Watch posted an article about two retractions of articles in which Qian Zhang of Southwest University in China was the lead author. Since some of you might be interested in what I've documented about other published articles from Zhang's lab, your best bet is to either type Zhang in the search field for this blog. Or just follow this link, where I have done the work for you. I'll have more to say about these specific articles in a little bit. I think I documented some of my concerns on Twitter last year and pseudonymously on PubPeer. In the meantime, I am relieved to see two very flawed articles removed from the published record. Joe Hilgard deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his work reanalyzing some data he was able to obtain from the lab (and his meticulous documentation of the flaws in these papers), and for his persistence in contacting the Editor in Chief of Youth and Society. I am also grateful for tools like Statcheck, which enabled me to very quickly spot some of the problems with these papers.

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